My name is András Szücs and I am a full-stack web developer from Hungary 🇭🇺, based in Stockholm, 🇸🇪.

BSc Computer Science (ELTE)
MSc Human-Computer Interaction and Design (KTH, U-PSUD)
Minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (EIT)

I have been helping small and medium-size companies with their product development needs for the past 4 years. I have advised early stage startups like Pulmoment and Chatler.AI, going from zero to having a feasible product strategy and secured initial funding. Moreover, I designed and developed complete web applications for companies like Trail Games and Colivia.

I have a deep understanding of Javascript, which allows me to quickly get up to speed with any codebase or new web technology. I am very experienced in using React, Node.js, Typescript, GraphQL, SQL and AWS. I also have experience working as a UX Designer on new product ideas, so I’m able to provide value in any part of the product development workflow.

Currently, I am looking for remote development opportunities all over Europe.